Treasure Troll Arm Hair

This may be a dumb tattoo, but you gotta give this guy some points for incorporating the arm hair into this masterpiece. Treasure Trolls are still cool right?

Father and Son Facial Tats

And you know these two were extremely proud when they first got these brilliant tattoos.

Its clear "Git-R-Dun" is a candidate for father of the year.

Worst Tattoo Ever

This tattoo is so cleaver it takes away from exactly how stupid it really is. Comic book guy forever!

Butt Pac Man Game

Wow a pac man game tattooes on both butt cheeks is a great idea! If you live in an alternate universe of some sort.

Golden Girls Rushmore

Checkout this classic tattoo design of the legendary golden girls in a mount rushmore like setting. Thank you for being a friend.